DT Delta kite calculator

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Dimensions (scaled to 0%)

A height0.00.0
B width of wing* 0.00.0
C width of cell 0.00.0
H width of kite 00.0
D Leading edge (LE) 0.00.0
E nose to LE spar 0.00.00
F nose to spreader 00
J box width 2.51.0
K box cut out depth 00
box LE half 00.00
cell side 00
width of box back 0.00.0


LE spar 0.00.00
spreader ~0.0~0.0
longerons 0.00
cell 0.00
wing spar deflection (+20%)
longerons deflection
spreader deflection (+19%)

Relative size

'full scale'
kite reference size

scaled 0%
your kites size

Sail area = (wing width x height)+2(box width * height)+2(central rectangle)

0.0 sq ft.

Recommended line

0 lbs



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