Delta kite calculator

Delta kite calculator

Calculates a Dan Leigh standard delta. Nose angles range from 86 to 120 degrees, typical is 96.

How to use this form: Enter a nose angle and a center line length, then click 'calculate'.

nose angle
length at centerline (C) 


Clength at centerline
Snominal span0.0
S/2nominal span (half)0.0
Flength of fin0.0
Ddepth of fin0.0
length of fin side0.0
keel rear leg0.0
Btowing point0
LElength of Leading Edge0.0
Llength of wing spars0.0
nose to LE spar0
to SAto spreader0.0

Sail area

0.0 sq ft

Recommended line

light winds = 0 lb. line
moderate winds = 0 lb. line
strong winds = 0 lb. line


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